Prof. Dr. David U. Mick

Interview in Developmental Cell 2015
"Meet the Author David Mick: Proteomics of Primary Cilia by Proximity Labeling."


Avishek Prasai, PhD

Using the APEX-based proximity labeling technique, I want to assess how the loss of function of key ciliary proteins affects the ciliary proteome to better understand the molecular pathogenesis of ciliopathies.


Tommy Sroka

Using ascorbate peroxidase-based proximity labeling I want to unravel the primary ciliary 'blue-print', which is needed to form this unique compartment.

Valerie Chaumet

On the trail of a newly identified ciliary protein with possible microtubule association, I am mainly focusing on basic biochemistry and microscopy approaches in cells and in vitro to characterize our "newcomer".

Patrick Schuster

I am currently working with various biochemical methods to understand the function and transport of kinases and phosphatases in the primary cilium as well as their influence on the ciliary proteome and signalling pathways.

Lea Sanwald

My aim is to study the role of primary cilia in differentiation processes of various cell types. I am especially interested in myogenesis and adipogenesis, as well as disease related cystogenesis.

Ilya Senatorov

shared with Olga Kalinina

Using graph neural networks I am studying potential ligands for ciliary GPCRs.

Satyanarayana P.M.

In my project I am studying the impact of specific ARL13B mutations on the primary cilia proteome.


Sabrina Teupel

I am establishing protocols to identify potential candidates to unravel the unknown interactome of our "newcomer".

Lea Kunz

In my project I am establishing new cilia-localized cAMP sensors to study cAMP dynamics in primary cilia.


Iryna Bondarenko

I investigate how primary cilia signaling affects cell growth. 

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Doris Jann

Sabine Plant



Dr. rer. nat. Elena May

Strategy Analyst | Customer Sales & Services


Dr. med. Andreas Riske

Resident doctor | Internal medicine

Augusta Kliniken Bochum


Nicola Byers

Nicola established endogenous tagging approaches using the CRISPR/Cas12a system within the lab to help us study selected proteins in the cell’s more ‘natural’ state.

Shanli Seyed Tarrah

Shanli studied a so-far uncharacterized protein in primary cilia. This protein has recently been identified in one of our proteomic screens and she wanted to unravel its interactome in primary cilia.


Kimberly Jandel (2023), joined M.Sc. program "Biomedical Science" (University of Marburg)

Maja Zeller (2021), DAAD-funded internship at McMaster University, Hamilton, Canada

Matthias Weigel (2020), joined M.Sc. program "Regenerative Biology and Medicine" (TU Dresden)

Technicians & Student Assistants

Nicole Bergstein (student assistant 2023)

Nicole Heim (technician 2017-2020)

Moritz Schablowski (student assistant 2019)

Anne Bredimus (student assistant 2018)

Photos: © Patrick Schuster

Favicon: © Tommy Sroka